The Book is Out!

And the (final) update:

The book is out and, I'll be honest:  I'd love if you'd buy it.  And read it.  And let me know if you like it. You can find it on Amazon, of course, or directly from the publisher here.


The book is out August 16.  Part of getting the word out about the book is doing an interview with The Principal Center.  So exciting.

Listen here!



We're through the multi-step proofreading process, and it's been sent off, out of my hands, for the final time.  It disappeared into the night via FedEx Overnight, and it has landed in Alexandria, Virginia, and it's getting its final tweaks before it goes to press.

So my part is done.

I've read the damned thing through so many times, now, that I can't really even stand the sound of my written voice.  I told that to the editor, Katie, and she just laughed at me.  She's calm and cool, that one.  I'm not sure how she does what she does-- reading, and re-reading, and re-reading edu-speak.  But she does it, and she's damned good.  All through the final editing process, every. single. time she has a suggestion, it was right.  Correct.  Better.

I'm better for it, too.  I think I'm a stronger writer, and I'm certainly a stronger proofreader.

So, soon, I'll have my very own copy to hold in my hands.  Thank you to all my blog followers who have been along for this journey of learning and leading!  Can't wait for the next steps!


Exciting news:  Sometime late this summer, I'll hold a copy of a book I've written for ASCD (the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development).  Its working title is Surviving the First Years:  Quick Solutions for Beginning Principals.  Eeeek!  A book!

I had the idea for the book because I know how lucky I was in the beginning of my administrative career.  I had fantastic bosses —mentors, really—when I first started.  Although they were vastly different leaders, I watched and listened closely, and somehow cobbled together an approach to leadership that combined what I loved best about their work—yet best fits my philosophy and personality.

I was on a very steep learning curve when I started as a school leader.  I was hired as an assistant principal when I was just 29 years old, and I probably had no business being given the chance.  But my principal believed in me, and she invested countless hours talking me through decisions, goals, and plans for my work.  To this day, I owe her for her risk and her continued support.  Even though she's retired, she remains a dear friend and mentor.  Thanks, Carol King!

I also learned from the delightful, steady, master-of-perspective Rick Weininger.  He made me laugh every day while also teaching me what battles to fight and which battles weren't battles at all.  He was a relentless supporter of teachers and students; even now, in his retirement, he's serving on the Board of Education and continues to make a difference for learners in our community.  I am grateful for the years I spent with Rick—and for his unflinching support when it was my time to move on to a principalship.

Working with these two master principals was a gift—one that I know many beginning principals don't have.  Many are alone as they begin their leadership work.  For that reason, I thought a textbook might help them navigate the beginning years.  It was a pure labor of love to write the book, and I truly hope it will help beginning principals navigate the tricky, confusing, and often lonely beginning years on the job.

In the meantime, take a look here at all the other fantastic stuff on ASCD has to offer.  It's a fabulous resource for new and experienced administrators alike.

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