Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Answering Questions

So I wrote a book, You're the Principal:  Now What?!?  It came out last week, and lots of people have asked lots of questions.  I thought I'd provide some universal answers.

How long did it take to write?
I have no idea.  I forget.

How did I get the ideas? 
I have no idea. They just kind of arrived.  I think.

How did it happen with ASCD? 
I wrote a proposal and—kiss my grits—they took it.

How long did it take from the proposal to the finished copy?  
It's a process.  Two years?  More?  A long time.

What was the hardest part? 
Editing.  I had to read the stupid thing a couple times.  The whole thing.  I love writing, but editing makes me crazy.

Is it selling?
I have no idea.

What's next?  Will you write another one?
I dunno.

Why are you acting funny right now? 
I don't know.  Because it's awkward.

Why didn't you tell me you were writing a book? [From my friends]  
I'm sorry.  It's just not the sort of thing that comes up naturally.  Or unnaturally, for that matter.

So, there.  A bunch of non-answers.

But there is one frequent question for which I have a solid answer.

How are you feeling?  
I haven't yet found the word to describe how it feels to actually hold the book.   Sometimes it feels right and normal and good.  Other times, it feels like I'm removed from the whole thing.

But here is what I can name, for sure, as a feeling:  Overcome.  There's been so much support from people I know— and people I don't know.  Almost everyone has been so... nice.  So kind.  It reminds me that we really are a big ol' community, watching over and taking care of one another.  And it reminds me that when good things happen to others, there is only one response that is the right one:  "That's wonderful.  I am happy for you."  

I will work to say those words more often—as often as I can.

Thank you, everyone.  I heart you.

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